Unable to uninstall duckduckgo

I can neither see any option to uninstall ddg by holding the app from the OS, nor can I see the uninstall button on fdroid. This is the only app which is doing this which is very strange and suspicious. The reason I want to uninstall it is, I no longer trust ddg, they also started allowing microsoft trackers on their browsers.
Can someone please tell me how can I get rid of that persistent spyware? My device is not rooted.
Thank you!

Device? Android version? Stock or custom ROM?

Post a picture of Android Settings → Apps → DuckDuckGo

redmi note 10 pro, android 12, arrow os vanilla (no gapps).
The three options are open, disable and force stop. (force stop button is greyed out which means cant press it.)
Also if you are aware of any better rom for my device i would love to know it! Calyx, graphene and divest are the only good ones i know and they do not support my device.
Thank you!

If you have DISABLE instead of UNINSTALL it means that the app is part of your ROM. Disabling it is what you want.

Contact your ROM providers fur further info :wink:

Yes, you can’t STOP it since it’s…stopped already.

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