Unable to download apps


from time to time, I’m not able to download and install applications.
for example, newpipe or opentracks.

F-droid apps is installed on mu oneplus one lineageos 17.1. I was before able to install other apps like newpipe or catima.
But today (and at other times), I wanted to download Opentracks and as I clic on the install button, some message directly appears and says :
“Download failed”
and after
" requested file was not found. https://followed_by_the_url_apps" (I’ve translated from french, sorry it may not be exactly the same message in english)

What I’ve done :

  • Purge local application cache
  • Reboot phone
  • install f-droid update to alpha 1.12 alpha 3 (notice that I had no problems to download and install this update).

Usually, I cannot see any pictures into the fdroid app, but there is not problem when browsing fdroid internet website with firefox.

I had exactly the same problem with newpipe, a few month ago. Just tested now, I can download and install some other apps. So is something wrong in my installation, or is just the repository link dead ?

Thank you for your help

Version 1.12 allpha 3 was the most update in my case, during all this afternoon. Now, suddenly, F-droid shows me new updates from the last days and I’ve just updated to 1.13 alpha 0

Now I can download opentracks.

if you understand something… it would be great.

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