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Hi there fdroid team,

since the new UI becomes hard to navigate, search and find any app I kindly ask to bring back the list view from previous versions (0.102.3). This “older” UI was not so confusing and unclear to scroll through. Maybe as an option - but please bring it back!

A working scrollbar (where you can jump from letter to letter) and a sorting method () which stays active even when changing a screen (eg. when reading app info) and come back to your last list view would be very nice!!
) sorting methods: A-Z, Z-A, first time registered in fdroid (up&down), lasttime updated (up&down), in-/exclude programs with unwanted features etc

Thanks and kind regards,

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Use the search for sorted as “updated” or as “name”.

The old UI ain’t coming back.

The old UI can be made by anyone in their own custom version. I think all contributors support the idea of alternate clients.


Thanks for your answer, but as stated above in the search option the sort-option is buggy and no useable scrollbar available. If you fix this, this may an option to use.

I’m not into programming/making an app. I just what to have a usefull and useable application.


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What do you want to do exactly?

hi @Licaon_Kter

and thanks for asking and your patience: I went on vacation.

So what I’m asking for are three features:

  • when using the search option I switch from “updated” to “name” sortorder. Fine. Then looking at a programs info page and after coming back to the search list view it is sorted as “updated” again.
    So please make my last choise permanent UNTIL I switch back.
  • please add sort options from A->Z/Z->A, old->new/new->old, incl./excl. unwanted features.
  • the scroll bar in search view does not operate as it should its just like an indicator: I can tap on it and nothing happens. A tap on it should jump to the relative position in the list. And even better: if you tap, hold and slide the scrollbar you should have a bubble saying “oh your’re here: apps starting with B”, “oh your’re here: apps starting with G”, … :wink: (as most launchers have when scrolling through the installed app list).

Hope you see what I’m thinking of. Kind regards,

Please open each request as a new issue here: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/issues

Feature requests are best figured out here in the forum. We have lots of issues open, and basically no one is working on implementing feature request. If you want to implement a new feature, it is probably best to first get developers who are working on that piece of F-Droid to agree that they think it is worth merging.

I would accept a fix to remember the sort mode, for example.

Well, ain’t that a wonderful way to put it. :confused:

The unwanted are -still- there, it’s only in the (main) program Settings; and search has the sorting: but, it’s what is showing on screen atm. Like if A-Z is displayed (in the top-right corner, next to the query), it means that the results are already sorted in alphabetical order. :slight_smile:


Nah! Cool, but we don’t need the extra code for that!..

Don’t mean to spam (!), one last thing… Your link is to GitLab, but this forum is -still- using the GitHub login. Does it mean that the project is moving (as we’d all expect, I guess), since the (somewhat recent) acquisition by Micro$oft? o.0

This isn`t tied to Github, make an account with email.

You mean this needs Gitlab integration? This might be specific to Discourse, the forum software.

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