TWRP instead of Lineage Recovery

Hi, I’m about to flash Lineage on my Moto g7 Ocean but would prefer to use TWRP instead of Lineage recovery. Can I just substitute twrp-3.5.2_10-0-ocean.img for lineage-19.1-20220711-recovery-ocean.img in these instructions?
I did read somewhere that TWRP didn’t support Android 12 yet? Does the 10 in the TWRP name refer to Android 10?

You can use TWRP instead of the LineageOS recovery, but therefore ocean is an A/B slot device it has a special way to be installed and with every system update it gets vanished. You may prevent this with a script.

The suffix in the name of the TWRP image is indeed indicated to the Android version. “_10” is optimized for A10 for example.

Interesting information, thanks.

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