Twitter client that allows liking but not tweeting?

Is there a FOSS Twitter client which
1)Allows logging into a Twitter account,
2)Allows following other users,
3)Allows “liking” tweets, but
4)Does not allow you to compose tweets, and
5)Does not allow you to make retweets?

I have a Twitter account, and I use it to follow people and like their tweets, but I don’t make tweets myself.

Not sure, but could you just simply, not use those features?

There are Facebook and Youtube clients, I haven’t specifically looked for Twitter clients so not sure what’s out there. But i’d suggest to look at what’s out there, pick your preferred Twitter client and do what you do, and not do what you don’t want.

Interesting things I never imagined. So you are like the Social Media drug dealer, wanting a Foss app to help you encourage others to stay addicted to Tweeting and posting, while helping you not touch the stuff. No offense intended.

I’d prefer staying clean myself and helping others get clean too. “Just say No!” Don’t use Twitter or Instagram or …

lol @justsomeguy

@183231bcb nitter instances can have RSS so you can add or
to your RSS reader and be done?

Will that allow “liking”, to give the shot of “they like me” hormone to the addict? :confused:

Only in your head :slight_smile:

Do test all the recent ones and tell us how that went :slight_smile:

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