TWIF submission thread

Yop @Coffee :slight_smile:
“The Light” is now in version 3.11: Audio Bible (see the help section)

A post was split to a new topic: Is there an app to backup and restore the user dictionary?

Moar Google shenanigans, the plan goes as expected…now a warning, when will this be obligatory (“for safety/size/speed reasons”)?

Yop @Coffee :slight_smile:
“The Light” is now in version 3.12: Audio Bible (read a whole book)

Is TWIF dead?


I started at some point but it’s too much hassle, I’d rather build test some app instead.

Moar info on the “give Google your keys or forfeit access to store features” saga

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@Coffee seems to have vanished, but all the tools for making TWIF are
there. Someone just needs to run the process :slight_smile: I’m happy to help get
someone setup, though I don’t know all the details.

Bundles continued

We would like to propose Tutanota for the next TWIF.
We’ve released encrypted calendar, here’s a blog post about that:

The version is 3.55.2 (may be 3.55.3 by the time you read it). Update checker run on the weekend last time so it did not pick it up yet but I believe it should be there before Friday (or I can send a PR with new version and changelogs which didn’t work automatically before).

Twif ia currently on hold unfortunately. (I.e. there’s nobody writing it.)

Would you want to contribute a twif post this week?

Hanna could write a TWIF, but she would need all the info/short abstracts about relevant updates and someone else would have to publish it (she says). Would that work?

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Let’s see if we can make it work.

I can publish the post on Friday if I get the markdown formatted post some way, ideally in the jekyll compatible format like you already did here once:

The hardest part will probably be figuring out noteworthy things to report. I personally didn’t follow the update stream for a while, so I have nothing myself. I’ll ask on mastodon/matrix/irc for people to report stuff and will aggregate it here.

@thermatk did a great job helping us build recent Firefox Klar versions. It also paved the way for other recent Mozilla apps like Fenix.

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@Coffee automated a lot of TWIF, I’m going to dig into that now, and see if I can make automatically post a draft for people to edit and submit.

Some more TWIF input:

There’s a beta version of OSMAnd 3.4 now. I currently don’t have a changelog at hand, but people interested in it can install it manually via F-Droid and test it.

Orbot update:

The tusky and gab discussion which was actually solved by contacting Richard Stallmann…:

F-Droid 1.7 released:

Nico’s Blogpost regarding F-Droid and reprocucible builds:

I didn’t really look into/follow app updates, but I think this is more than enough material for one post.

FYI, I’ve made some progress more fully automating TWIF, building on @Coffee’s work. My work is I welcome anyone to take it over and complete it.


TWIF is back :upside_down_face::+1:

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Can some remind (in TWIF ?):

Nice find, so decentralization works. :slight_smile:

lol wut? links?

Same layout but it’s another project, for penetration testing.

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