TWIF submission thread

I would like to propose BaldPhone for the next TWIF.
It’s new in F-Droid and I think it can help a lot of people :slight_smile:
Github repository
On F-Droid
Also, I just added support for german!

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I’d second that. BaldPhone is a great app to help e.g. the elderly getting a chance to use their phone without getting confused. It goes far beyond Senior Launcher in functionality. As far as I know, the only one of its kind that is open source and free.

True, I can only argue by the screenshots and what the description says. But that alone suggests it should be featured :smiley:

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The Light (version 3.16) has now cross-references :sweat_smile:

Another milestone worth mentioning: our Metadata-to-YAML conversion just magically reached ~75%

This is about version 2.5.6…

Google apparently has started reviewing app updates for the Play Store. Update for Conversations has now been pending for 72 hours.
We now live in a time where F-Droid is faster than Google. Congratulations @GooglePlayDev. Good job.

Prolly related to

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The Light (version 3.18) has now support for Android 10 :sweat_smile:

Another post about the issues of Google Play:


I’ve created the RFP :slight_smile:
the story has to continue…

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@patcon added me as an admin to the group so I set it up to be “official” mirrors of F-Droid projects with the aim of improving visibility.


@hans Are rest of the projects there @ GitHub not full/official mirrors, then? They’re not flagged as such.… :thinking:

All of them are setup to receive push syncs from, so
that’s how they are “official”. Ff you mean the little MIRROR tag, that
comes from some kind manual process that GitHub used to support via
email, but no longer lets you add new mirrors that way AFAIK.

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The Light (version 3.19) has now:
• User Interface changes
• Preferences: New User Interface for Smartphone, Tablet (fixed menu)
• Preferences: Television Configuration (borders)
• Preferences: Font sizes (5…11)
• Contact menu: Github
• +1 Youtuber (my channel)

I would propose for the next TWIF, because:

  1. got successfully updated after a long time (4 months, only some architectures [for example: armv7] are missing, but that will be fixed on next build [, closed])
  2. Riot now has a better verification for encryption which is easier to manager: instead of comparing a string with a lot of random characters, you now only have to compare a few emojis.

New versions of Lightning browser are available since a long time.

Will this taken automatically?

Not yet

Maybe F-Droid could officialy support



The Light (version 3.20) has now:
• Black theme
• Contact menu: Facebook


The Light (version 3.21) has now:
• You do not have to restart the application when you change some preferences
• The language selected in the application may be different from the language of your system
• By selecting a Bible, this will define the language used in the application

(seems that I’m the only one to work here) :upside_down_face:

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