Tutorial on how to package an app made with react-native/expo?


I’m the developer of a very humble and ugly app https://github.com/allan-simon/verbiste-android, which some good souls have helped made available on f-droid . Recently react-native and more recently “Expo” has permitted me to meet all my requirements for android app development:

  1. I can use vim and cli all along the way (very strong requirements to me, I develop app mostly as a hobby, and using an IDE would take out all the joy I got from developing)
  2. the result is good-looking (at the opposite of my current app)
  3. I can re-use my existing web knowledge and not feeling like needing to learn a whole new ecosystem only to develop some very simple app
  4. those of my friends who have a iphone can still get to use my applications

So lately I’ve been considering to rewrite my application with Expo/React native so that people could enjoy a nice looking user interface and I should be more likely to got time to implement feature requests.


  1. I didn’t see any tutorial on how to do that here (and I think it will take me some hours/days for me to uncover how to do that all by myself)
  2. it seems expo will bundle my app with some libraries (facebook sdk etc.) that I don’t want (and that f-droid community don’t want to)

So is there some people that have done that already and that can point me to some repo where I can “copy/paste/modify/run/debug/rince/repeat” or some people willing to give a hand on the packaging side ?

thanks a lot !

On Android, use the Expo app to scan the QR code from your terminal to open your project.

Looks like this Expo depends on many non-free components: https://github.com/expo/expo/blob/master/android/expoview/build.gradle#L216, making the framework itself non-free.

Apps using Expo may not be included into F-Droid.

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