Turning F-droid into a system app

If i’m not mistaken, f-droid’s capability of auto-updating apps, comes from an extensions flashed via TWRP, right? Or so it was some time ago.
Turns out, i got my S21 rooted with magisk, but no TWRP for the time being, since it’s not ready yet.
Which leads me to my question: Can i just use a magisk module called “App Systemizer”, and turn f-droid into a system app? That would suffice for auto-updating apps?
If that’s enough, how would i turn on such feature? I recall the option for auto update was only available when flashing the zip, is that still the case?

cheers, and sorry if it’s a dumb question. i’ve been away from the rooting scene for quite some time

Isn’t there a “f-droid privileged extension” module for Magisk?

well that would be the best way to solve this :smiley:
in magisk 24 i can’t access the downloads section anymore, can you tell me a secure source for download the zip? i found a github page with no votes, and a very old release…so i’m not very confortable
thanks for replying so quickly!

Oh right, those changes… ummm, no idea

F-Droid_Privileged_Extension-2019-11-23_18.zip (38.7 KB)

I have this old one at hand, so try it, it should update from F-Droid since the APK is signed by F-Droid.

Always backup and etc, yes?

Thanks a bunch my friend! You rock!!
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Actually, not just with the priv app, but also by placing fdroid.apk in /system/apps can help too, if rooted of course. I usually do that.


Can’t recommend that on Android. Installing your own mods or own OS is one thing, but making it easier for apps to have root is another. Not that it’s connected… but aren’t you one who thought their QKSMS was hacked? :laughing:

Yeah, but I am talking about F-D app here, no other app. :wink:

Theres also Fox’s Magisk Module Manager which offers 2 repo’s both you should recognize. Fox's Magisk Module Manager | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Now, does the fact many people use Magisk Webview Manager by Androidacy who host’s one of the Repo’s and the other is Magisk Modules Alt Repo… Does that translate to a secure(reliable you mean?) source? Only you can decide as what our views are may be very different.

But since i don’t trust anyone with this stuff, Magisk official source and these sources all rate the same…

Also Magisk itself could get compromised and have extra code sneaked in which is now in the kernel if so.
In my eyes Googles stock rom comes compromised as it is and have made it clear when that Exposure Notification covid junk magically appeared…

Root is mainly a risk depending on the users choices i would say. But in 10mins this could change. Lol fun huh? Btw Im rooted but would rather see Android not requiring me too.

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