Trying to install F-droid on chromebook

I’m trying to install F-droid on a samsung chromebook plus running 69.0.3497.120 (Official Build) (32-bit). I’ve put the device in developer mode and turned off play protect. I was able to download the f-droid apk and install it. However when I try to update the f-droid app or install anything from f-droid a warning pops up from pay protect asking me to “allow” the installation. However clicking on the “allow” button does not work with either mouse or touch screen.

Note: my device has the ability to run linux apps on the stable build.

I figured out the issue. Simply turning off play protect was not enough. You will have to go to Settings -> Device -> Google Play Store -> Manage Android Preferences -> Apps -> Google Play Store Once in the settings for the Google Play Store app, disable the app. F-droid will not function properly.

I think it’s

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