Trouble with repositories update

I’m trying to manually update the repositories, but after I swipe down I see the “updating repositories” on top for about a couple of seconds and then it disappears and no updates are found. I see that an app that I need to update is at version 112 and it was updated yesterday, but on the app I see only version 106 (that is pretty old and this is strange because some days ago I’ve updated a couple of apps with thte latest version).
This has always happened, but once in a while it does update the repositories.

Still about updates, the automatic updates has never ever worked for me. Now I’m using F-Droid on a OnePlus 6T, but I’ve had the same experience on a Moto Z and on a Samsung A5. Updates are enabled to be checked every day.


That’s strange. Did you try reinstalling F-Droid?

I just did, it updated the repositories (let’s see if automatic update will work), but for that particular app (GPSLogger) I still see version 106 which is pretty old (see screenshot), while on the F-Droid website I see that the latest is the 112 and the oldest is the 110 (newer then mine) which is dated June

P.s. I’ve checked and I’ve enabled the F-Droid repository only
P.p.s I’ve just checked Blokada and the latest version is the 5.14.4 which is dated 22/04/2021… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:…what the…?

Since there is no 106 in, I guess you installed it from some other source. Maybe you installed it from github release? F-Droid sign the apk with own key so it’s not possible to update it from F-Droid. But I don’t know why there is no new version displayed. Yo need to uninstalled it and install new versions from F-Droid.


I’ve uninstalled, updated the F-Droid reppositories and then I could see the latest version.
I’m sure that I’ve installed it from F-Droid, very very sure, I only install apps from the Play Store or F-Droid.
By the way, thanks for the suggestion!

Maybe you installed it from Izzy’s repo? Apks from Izzy’s repo is fetche from github and signed by upstream.

Negative, I’ve only used the F-Droid repository. I don’t actually even know the Izzy repository.

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