Triggering app-update outside the F-Droid client

We have (rooted) Android devices that run F-Droid w/ privileged extension. The apps are hosted in a private F-Droid repository. Updates occur “eventually” but we would like to improve that.

Question: Would it be possible to trigger the update from outside the F-Droid client? In other words, is there an API/Intent/event we can push to notify F-Droid client (or the privileged extension) to expedite the update of an app? From the security point the app has to be from one of the pre-added repositories and already installed - we are talking updating, not new installs. We are merely trying to come up with a way to push the updates asap (near real-time), instead of relying on the periodic checking by the F-Droid client.

You can increase the poll time to hourly in the Settings. Or you can set it to any value in a whitelabel build.

I’m aware. We would prefer not to pull all of the “standard” repos hourly, which have hafty payloads, in addition to ours.

When fdroidclient polls, it first sends a HEAD request to see if the
index file has changed. So that’s like 500 bytes.

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