Träwelldroid / Traewelldroid

Packaging would be great. It is an app for checking-in into (mostly German) trains as a social way of connecting to other people and scoring points etc. Kind of a social platform but very focused (and without chat currently).

The author already provides a FOSSbuild version as an apk on GitHub: Release v2.0.3 · Traewelldroid/traewelldroid · GitHub

The author is not opposed to inclusion, but just has no time: Release on F-Droid · Issue #36 · Traewelldroid/traewelldroid · GitHub

To me it reads more like the author is kind of against F-Droid inclusion (especially the instant locking of those issues) as long as they did not personally investigate into it.

Just had a look into it myself, and it seems possible to go without the help of the author, but we would need to register an träwelling oauth client our self

Maybe you could open an request for packaging for it?

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