Translation validation error "Has been translated"

Hi all,

I translated strings in F-Droid/Data to french using Weblate but all of them have now a "Has been translated " validation error status and I don’t understand why.

Something I’m missing ?
I checked the doc but I didn’t find infos about that.

Thank you for your answers.

It seems @linsui is also seeing this: Translating lots of app "summaries"

When I look here when I’m not logged in, I don’t see that validation error, but I do see quite a few others.

@kingu any ideas?

I have solved this problem by uploading translation file and setting the "Processing of strings needing edit " as “Import as translated”.

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Is this related to by any chance?

I never quite understood what “Has been translated” is supposed to mean. I think it is either strings imported with 100% matches, but aren’t the actual string, or 100% matching ones from translation memory for entries that are translated, but possibly aren’t the same elsewhere, even though seemingly the same. Strings that haven’t changed should not be flagged.

When overwriting the PO file, is authorship retained in Weblate history?
As mentioned, there are settings for avoiding it, but I am not sure what the actual benefit to having those checks fail/trigger is.

I don’t think its related to, that’s not merged yet.

From what I’ve seen, Weblate does not keep its own history of authorship.

That seems to be the case, and it is a huge problem. I keep seeing unclaimed translations that I know are my own. Was hoping they came from somewhere else.

I confirm that the solution given by linsui works.

May be, that @linsui 's solution works for this issue as a workaround.

Nevertheless my question is who set up the Weblate component and what was done differently than in other sections? For it’s the only one which shows such a strange behaviour, that translated strings appear as untranslated marked with “translated in the past” some days after translation.

I set it up, it is also the only component that uses the XLIFF format, so maybe the issue is related to that.