Translation: remove Flemish/Vlaams/nl_BE?


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Any relevant speakers there to move this forward? (Whether to keep it or not. Or to change it.)

@hans Can you add a comment in the issue to point the other participants to here?

posted this thread to the issue

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The history on the translation page shows that Midgard changed the translation 2 weeks ago. And Nathan Follens reverted all those changes a week ago. Is there any discussion about this going on somewhere? Was this resolved in the interest of Flemish users?
Would be great if a Flemish persons could contribute some Q.A.

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I applaud your decision of not precipitating a decision.

Not sure if that would help here, but in other projects (and language) I have seen edition wars fix themselves without intervention when the translation tool allows voting proposals, Weblate has this option since version 1.6 but doesn’t seem to be activated in the F-Droid project.

Edit: I opened an issue requesting activation of the voting system:

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I am an F-droid user and sympathizer. Coming here in the issue and discussion rooms has one reason: love for language. I’ll do anything to have the duth language back on my phone.
I can 't find a way to change the language settings in F-droid myself. So what happens is that I’ve stopped using it.
As soon as I bump into weird translations I stop the programme. But I do miss the app.


I’ll do anything to have the duth language back on my phone.

Dutch or Flemish? Because the Dutch translation is fine from what I understand.

I can 't find a way to change the language settings in F-droid myself.

I think that it’s a totally different issue. (Also important)

You can either use the Language preference in F-Droid on older Android versions, or on newer Android versions, go to the system language preference, and add nl_NL as the highest priority language.

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This is apparently still an issue:

Andreas Redmer says there:

the offending and disgusting way bug reports in F-Droid are being handled is the(!) main reason why I created G-Droid.
Comparing this behavior of the F-Droid team to G-Droid is offending to me.
There was never any report about this issue in the G-Droid bugtracker. And in the G-Droid project (compared to F-Droid) no bug report has ever been or will ever be closed off, without being fixed!


In my head the translation should always stay, no matter how complete.
An incomplete translation only illuminates how translation is both possible, but also needed.

Insofar as it could be worse than nothing, the same could be argued, but that isn’t reported, and only if it is reportedly malicious it should be removed.

If there aren’t many speakers, they will on average not be spoilt for choice, so chances are they are more accepting of incomplete efforts.

And if they are not, efforts made towards correcting it go a lot further than complaining about the state of things.

Edit: It is very discouraging to put in way more effort than what is to be expected only to

Edit: It is very discouraging to make an effort only to have it go unseen. Especially so if it goes way beyond what is to be expected.


  1. The issue you are referring to, has been fixed. You inquired about something ar- took a lot of time to explain his point of view to you (at this stage this ‘issue’ was ‘fixed’) . You found that reasonable and asked to move the discussion to the F-Droid bug that you linked above. In the F-Droid forum many of the fucktards in the F-Droid project decided to defend their dumb behavior with unreasonable demands, stupid reasoning and personal attacks about the way ar- is reporting issues. As a result of that ar- had enough of all the shitheads in the F-Droid project and did what they demanded, and deleted every bug request and comment he ever left in that project. One of the smarter team members, tried to keep the quality by sending messages and leaving stupid comments like or . That is an idiotic strategy because the actual problem remains: ignorant douchebags are in the F-Droid team and have write access, are mostly unsupervised and reject any criticism with their own misplaced self-confidence.
  2. ar- asked several times kindly not to make the issue a personal attack against him (or his choice of words) but rather focus on the issue and perhaps even fix it. Unfortunately some members of the F-Droid team are not there for the cause, but rather to improve their own image and put it on their CV. These individuals continued their disgusting and insulting flame war into the G-Droid bug-tracker as well. Naturally ar- removed it from the public and made it visible only to the G-Droid team members.
  3. You will agree that your question in the G-Droid bug-tracker was answered, that you asked to move the discussion somewhere else and that ar- was (among other things) asked to removed the original posting. Therefore his claim on the Mastodon social network (that you quoted above) is perfectly correct. So your sarcastic ‘Oh really’ is kinda misplaced.
  4. Comparing the assholeness and ignorance of some F-Droid team members with real quality software projects (e.g. Linux, Android, many apps, …, G-Droid, …) IS OFFENDING!
  5. Until today there still has not been any bug report about this issue in the G-Droid project. So far I’d say the quoted statement is 100% correct.
  6. The only thing that might be an overstatement is the “will ever be” since for some bugs there might be no fix. This could be the case for the nl_Nl and nl_BE problem in discussion.
  7. When it is about closing off correct high quality bug reports in the most immature way possible, you are pretty much of of the first people who can kindly STFU!
  8. Although ar- is now refraining from any contribution to the F-Droid project, he is indeed contributing substantially in his own and very unique way. Probably one of the few possible ways when dealing with a team like yours .

PS: All the degenerates in the F-Droid team who feel offended by my language: you can now shout at me instead of fixing the actual problem. You are welcome.

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How about we lay this feud to rest and at the very least stop the distractions caused by it. We have a lot more to gain by getting along than fighting. As one F-Droid contributor who has been attacked in this whole feud, here is one small offering from me:

You are at the liberty of not listening to me.
F-Droid works the F-Droid way, we can wish to help it along, at times that is smooth sailing, and sometimes that doesn’t work. That could be ones own failing, and often at times it is down to the contributor to ponder the idea of where the difference lies. It is undoubtedly a successful project, and it undoubtedly yet, could clearly be more successful at that. It is largely volunteer based, so one can not ask everything of everyone at all times, and it is possible to help it along. Make of that what you will. It seems you are at the end of the line, but I imagine one that leads, similarly, even more so nowhere. If I can pull you back in, it is in the knowledge that if you pull yourself up enough times, you outlast arrogance. Maybe that means helping F-Droid along its current path, and maybe that path is one thing or the other.

Meanwhile we have G-Droid, and I have contributed to that too. It is not yet what F-Droid is, but Redmer takes every bit of help he gets. So we are left with two respective sides of a possibly combining, but ultimately best-of-breed puzzle. He is not that many people, a blessing and a curse in itself. Fortunately for him, he has great capacity and is willing to listen.

Where you come in, or where I come in reading your comment, you seem to not operate in good faith. That reflects on you, and I am not interested in your persona. I am interested in what you have to offer. You can run things by me, as I don’t shy away from an argument. You are however not strengthening your argument by adding anything, a narrative is not needed.

In ieder geval behouden (Vlaams en Nederlands). De vertaling uit het Engels gaat vaak fout door het gebruikte Amerikaanse dialect. Het is een soort “ons kent ons” taaltje, dat haast niet te vertalen is. Alle pogingen om F-droid op mijn mobiles te installeren (=flashen?) mislukken dan ook.
Wordt dit antwoord ook “bump” naar top van lijst?
Dick Stomp

Ha! Hier tref ik een F-Droid medewerker die het Nederlands ook beheerst. Mijn automatische vertaler (Google) werkt goed. Het vermijden van afkortingen doet wonderen!
Dick Stomp