Translation field for app entries

The idea is to have a link in the client, similar to “sourcecode” “version” and “changelog” that takes you to the platform where the app happens to be translated.

This solves the problem with having to look around for it, and brings some awareness to a laudable goal.

It is not evident to translators that some strings fail on a set of given resolutions/scaling, but to the users of those, it is.

The problem bringing mention to such efforts is some apps use non-free platforms. To avoid having an anti-feature in F-droid itself, the ones which use libre software platforms could be mentioned.

These are: Pootle, Weblate, Translatewiki, Pontoon, and a few others.

These are not: Transifex and Crowdin

In the event that no platform is used, there could be a link to download Stringlate from F-droid, perhaps following a link to the source repo in question, with “/src/main/res/values/strings.xml” appended to it.

A mention of the ongoing effort could help F-droid itself, which is translated here


I like this idea, it makes a lot of sense. If adding a single metadata field for a URL is enough, then it’ll be easy to add.

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That is all it takes really. I can help source the various links, as i keep an extensive list of my own.
I’m not sure about the policy on non-free translation platforms.
In my opinion links that start with Transifex or Crowdin should not be allowed.
Particularly seeing as they help themselves to loading every tracking script under the sun.

We allow links to non-free payment platforms, git platforms, home pages,
etc. so I think its OK to link to non-free translation platforms.

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I cede the argument to consistency.
For reasons everything else isn’t, maybe a warning could be implemented later for all of them.

Any news about this? I can also help to give the links to the platforms, I already have a lot of them on my Transifex, Crowdin, PoEditor or OneSky accounts. Translations are also a good way, I think, to attract new contributors to F-Droid and open-source/libre Android apps in general (that’s what I made at the beginning :slight_smile: )

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@hans Make it so.

Wesley out.