Translating website in Italian

Hello, this message is for F-Droid admins.
I’d like to help to transtalte the F-Droid website in my mother tongue (Italian).
Please create the Italian languge entry here:

Many thanks


Thanks for your interest! Ideally, we’ll get to the point where we can fully support all languages that people contribute. Right now, there is a technical limitation on how many languages we can support for the “Website” part, which is just the “chrome” strings for the website. So we are only adding languages there that have the other parts already translated. I opened an issue to track this:

It would be great idea if the site can be translated in all languages.

Everyone wants to support as many languages as possible on the website. There are some technical issues that someone needs to fix in order to make that happen. One is having big enough hardware to run the process with more than 9 languages. Or improving the Ruby code so it doesn’t need big hardware.

Another is someone spending the time to check and merge new translations as they are completed.