Translated data of org.secuso.privacyfriendly* apps

  • i have created an issue [ 1 ] about best way to edit apps metadata
  • i also found secuso is merging [ 2 ] fdroid translations
  • for apps with both fastlane data in repo and description in yml file, it is necessary to delete description in app .yml file and directory [ locale directory, ex.: en-US, GB ] of app in fdroiddata repo
  • before purging directories we need to upstream translated data?
  • i am at loss about how it can be achieved
  • upstreaming translated data will be win-win situation for translators, fdroiddata repo and app developers
  • i am bit hesitant about discussing in issue, please provide guidance

[ 1 ] org.secuso.privacyfriendly* apps metadata consistency (#3072) · Issues · F-Droid / Data · GitLab
[ 2 ] added F-Droid translations to fastlane folder · SecUSo/privacy-friendly-tape-measure@010e21a · GitHub

I’ve already answered there:

  • remove the duplicated .txt’s from fdroiddata
  • remove the descriptions that are available in fastlane upstream