Trackers in Androidacy Module Manager?

The app known as “Androidacy module manager” as 2 trackers as per my screenshots here. It also directs you to a website, with ads that pop up in your face, when you try to click download. Cant even use an adblocker. Just thought that should be a disclaimer. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Forgot to say - i know sentry is some kind of bug reporter, but i dont know about the other one. Still think people (such as myself) should be informed. Some of us dont like trackers, no matter what its for. Anyway, the pop up ads that trick you is the problem i have with the app. Just wanted to give a warning, and wanted to contribute something for my first post.

The trackers are turned off, albeit the code is in, see [BUG] F-Droid can't build · Issue #70 · Androidacy/MagiskModuleManager · GitHub

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One question, and maybe a lame one. Does the tracker being turned off and the code still being present in the whole cause any issues to the privacy? Does it not make sense to completely remove them from the package itself? This is a question in general, which I am just asking for my understanding.

As the linked issue shows, modifying upstream code more needs more maintenance, more time, more delays etc.

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