Tracker Control stopped working

Using the latest trackercontrol downloaded from here

It worked great and even though it says that it doesn’t support browsers it used to just work fine in all browsers and blocked all trackers and until and unless we clicked allowed the websites/apps used to just break.

Then installed shelter and created a work profile. Installed trackercontrol in this work profile also. It seemed to work well except it used used to crash wehenever traffic log option was opened. The tracker control app in the main profile worked great as usual though. Anyways in work profile created by shelter no app worked except two banking apps. They all used to crash. Cleared cache and tried everything but nothing worked. Had island installed prior to shelter and everything worked well. Finally uninstalled all apps from the work profile and destroyed this work profile and uninstalled shelter.

Now here’s where the issue begins, the trackercontrol app in the main profile is showing that it is blocking trackers from any specific app but when we open that app it just works fine which was not possible earlier until and unless we allowed those trackers. Tested this with many many apps. Trackercontrol seems to work fine for aurora store and for a few apps but for the rest it shows that it is blocking trackers but all of them are working fine even with trackers blocked. Moreover now trackercontrol is not working for browsers also. It just keeps on saying to launch cromite whereas it is already launched and loading webpages. For other browsers like mull it shows that it is blocking trackers when a specific webpage is entered but that webpage opens fine even though the trackers are not set to allowed.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled TC many many times but the issue is the same. What did I break that is causing this? How to resolve this?

Update- Replicated the same issue with TC and shelter apps in an another android phone and TC in the main profile stopped working after shelter was uninstalled. Something is wrong with shelter’s latest build I guess. Have notified the developer of TC, will notify shelter’s developer also.
I am not able to understand why multiple reinstallations of TC aren’t helping either?

Yeah I have no info on this as I don’t really use tracker control.

You can try to force stop it or restart your device. Or as a last effort delete the app data. Other than that I don’t really know definitely sounds like a bug.

I doubt shelter can do much of anything about it as their app is just utilizing the work profile function. The tracker control devs might however

Yeah this is a known issue. Tracker control is known to perform unreliably with web browsers so the general recommendation is to not use it for web browsers and instead use a web browser that can do the blocking itself

Feel free to report it: Issues · TrackerControl/tracker-control-android · GitHub

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Honestly, TC dev is unable to replicate a lot of issues we raised. You can see I have 5-6 issues raised myself and most of the times it is not replicated. Moreover, for a lot of times TC is behaving absurdly. Not sure what the exact reason for it is, but it does not seem to work (at least for me and many others).
I am using UBO and Virtual Hosts with my own hosts file which I have. So I am covered there to the extent my Vivo can allow.

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