Tor Browser for Android on F-droid App Store, "Repo Request"


I was trying to see if I can get access to the repos for the official “Tor Browser for Android” & “Tor Browser for Android (Alpha)” apps on F-Droid app store.

Unfortunately, the URL available under the “source code” section on F-Droid for these apps points to:

…which looks like the repo for tor browser for desktop (and not android apps)
Could you be kind enough to share the official repo links with me?

In F-Droid go to Settings. Then Repositories. Then turn on the Guardian Project repo. You can see the mirror links mentioned in there as well. You should have official Tor browser appear in Search along with other apps from Guardian Project. Go to Categories to see the whole catalogue. Cheers!


I wouldn’t bother if I were you mate, that apps full of spyware level trackers, do a search on this forum and you’ll find the thread about it. Tor on Android has basically been ruined by Tor themselves, they don’t have the care or capacity to fix Android along with everything else. They’ve certainly got enough money to sit on though. Buy a craptop and use TAILS on USB.

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