Tip: Commercial navigation that doesnt need Google APIs

I hope this is not offending…

Just a tip for those who may prefer to use a commercial grade navigation but without Google APIs and no Play Services:

Sygic GPS Navigation works without Google APIs, I just installed my old Sygic version on LineageOS 17.1 without Goolag APIs.
It seems to work fine, I´ve used it for years.

I had the paid Pro version of Sygic and I was able to just enter my license key, works just fine.


Thanks @benutzer74for your message !

I think i use this app when i 'll install lineAge :wink:

What is the advantage of commercial grade navigation?

Well, it doesn´t necessarily mean much, but there are few differences. You have a guaranteed card update cycle, route calculation might be quicker in some cases and the UI is often simple and straighforward. OsmAnd can feel overloaded with options when using first, people who use navigation less frequently might feel more comfortable with a simpler UI. Folks should just know they have a choice and pick the one they feel comfortable with… It just reflects the good experience I made with Sygic, OsmAnd on the other hand might well be my favourite in future.

With Openstreetmap I have the latest maps guaranteed. Last year I made e journey from Germany-West to Poland-East of about 6 weeks and 4500km aside motorways and the only error was a missing roundabout.

That is right, I also thought there should be a light version. But as a travel planner and travel navigator, the app is good as it is.


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