TIFF or TIF viewer

Does anyone know of an open source Android app that can view TIF/TIFF images? Both Simple Gallery Pro and Camera Roll cannot.

Unfortunately android has no native support to display tiff files. Therefore nearly all android image viewers do not support tiff including the opensource apps. Do you have a special usecase where you need tiff on android that cannot be fixed by converting tiff to png/jpg ?

Thanks for the explanation.

I was downloading some scanned in documents that were in zipped multiple TIFF form. Sure I could convert them (or view them) on a PC but I only had my phone handy. Presumably there are no Android image converters that handle TIFF either.

I guess there are online sites that would convert images but I didn’t fancy uploading the files to them (I have slow upload speed) and I don’t like to rely on the cloud anyway.

So yeah, it would be good to be able to deal with TIFFs natively on Android.

I’ve just discovered https://github.com/max-kammerer/orion-viewer will open TIFFs. It’s not great for a folder full of individual one page TIFFs (as opposed to single file multipage TIFF), as there’s no quick way to move from one image to the next, but it will do me in a pinch.

It’s on the Google Play Store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=universe.constellation.orion.viewer but not in F-Droid as far as I can see.

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