Threema Anti-Features

Hi, I installed it today and was somewhat surprised that it would not do absolutely nothing unless I purchased a key.

As it is one of the larger downloads I believe this should be very prominently stated in the description… apparently there isn’t an Anti-Feature that would describe this?

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I don’t think being paid is against the philosophy of foss: Selling Free Software - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation


Purchase / upsale / inapppurchase does not fall in AF. It is free, but has purchases for upping the features.

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IMHO it should still be mentioned in the description that it requires to purchase some key.

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opened a PR upstream: Inform users before install by licaon-kter · Pull Request #14 · threema-ch/threema-android · GitHub

I has the NonFreeNet Anti-Feature:

Which describes as:
“…that promote or depend entirely on a Non-Free network service…”

Isn’t that sufficient?

No, imho, they should make it clear that it needs an account/key/license

/LE: “free” as in “freedom” not always “price” :wink:


The very first line of the description does say:

Threema is the world’s best-selling secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations, and governments.

Nobody reads

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Is there any other paid secure messenger?

Conversations and its fork Cheogram are paid in Google Play :person_shrugging:

Of course I read it… but “best selling messenger” is somewhat of a buzzword - and in F-Droid you obviously get the best selling messenger for free. So the catch should be mentioned.

What’s obvious about it? Why do you expect F-droid apps to be free of charge? Free of intrusive or malicious sofware yes; but free of charge no. That was never the intent of F-droid as far as I can tell.

It’s in the word… “free” :slight_smile:

Maybe we can have a NonFreePayment AF, not for Threema though. If an app can only be purchased via Paypal or Stripe, then the user has to use a non free payment tool. If cash or cryptocurrency is supported then this AF doesn’t apply.

The description should mention “requires payment to be used” whether or not this is an Anti-Feature because it is a considerable inconvenience to download and install just to find out I need to buy some keys. Netguard and some other apps also mention they have paid features.

you can buy keys with cash and bitcoin, although I’ve only tested the latter