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Hi all,

#TWIF has been up and running for a while now. There are some things that keep pinging around in my head, but I can’t seem to complete the thoughts on my own, so I’m hoping to get some feedback.


  1. #TWIF is fragile. If I disappear, TWIF disappears. (Probably.)

  2. Content that does not change gets ignored by the brain. It’s time to change up the format a bit. Not sure how yet. Ideas welcome.

  3. It’s just me talking. Even though feedback suggests I’m doing a good job, I think the quality can be improved by adding a second voice and viewpoint. Should also help points 1 and 2. If you’d like to help work on #TWIF, please get in touch!

  4. Other blog posts welcome. Other blog posts were always welcome, but now that TWIF is here, it would help to break up the flow and prevent the news section from being just a list of #TWIF. If you’ve been working on something F-Droid related, perhaps you could do a more in-depth write-up on the topic. Screenshot of F-Droid front page "news" section containing only TWIF items

These are my thoughts. Feel free to comment!


First off, I love TWIF!!!

Full disclosure: I am a news junkie and I love blog posts.

My advice:

Recruit somebody to help! I might be able to write a TWIF once a month or something.

Change the headline each week. Specifically make the headline relevant to the most “important” (in your opinion) piece of news from each week.

Once again I think I’d be interested in writing one post a month. Anybody else?

Absolutely! Also, by changing the headline each week it won’t LOOK like a big list of TWIF’s.


Thanks! Helpful tips!

If you’re interested in helping out, you should probably start by setting up so you have some idea of what’s happening to the repository.

Feel free to ask questions off-thread. It’s not very user-friendly at the moment so I’m sure there will be some.

I think its working pretty well as is! Having a different headline each week to highlight some piece of news would be nice. Something like “TWIF: new client release with better bandwidth management”.

As for it being fragile, I wouldn’t stress it if it is skipped or late occasionally. If you’re finding it too much work as it is now, you could make it monthly.


This looks like you want a vacation. (Go for it!) If I were you, I’d accept @blendergeek’s generous offer & perhaps @hans’ idea, modified: Go to fortnightly, w/ each of you doing 1 TWIF monthly, alternating.

Hello! Somehow I hadn’t noticed that TWIF exists. I only had the 'weekly overview of things happening on the forum" newsletter. It looks very interesting to me. Would there be any way of getting it as a newsletter in my e-mail?

never mind about email, I’ll think I’ll go Mastodon to stay up to date.

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@TPS It’s more that I anticipate I won’t have this much free time forever.

@fdroidonicus You can probably find an RSS to email thingmajig if you ask your favourite search engine. Let us know if you find something that meets your needs.

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