This initiative, rolls North towards South so we can levitate already \m/

In recent ‘digital surveillance age’ lets call it that, although not as recent! obviously I was late with the memo and misinformed, I thought only ‘criminals’ had to worry, since I discovered how long many of you have been actively working on stuff for many moons! It was the dopest thing to find and a bit nerve wracking, my case felt tiny and irrelevant, how ever it meets toe to toe with whats happening in many other countries, only it grabs the feeling of worse when people here cant help because its doesnt effect them and there is something someone surveillanced ‘must have done’ they cannot fathom terms like modern genocide, no understanding of indigenous culture because there is no reference to it anywhere here, it was wiped off the map remember?

But since this shift to heightened understanding that “privacy” is a thing but no one could possibly care unless they have been a direct target. Correct? Seems its hard for people to know that Privacy means Privilege in Latin and to me know one understands that every measure of channeling to our creator comes from the Traditional Science in this culture. But indigenous raced people are facing a threat in front of peoples faces and every employee or person I speak to doenst understand these threats or know how to catch Silencing and how to help those tarteted cuz of race if the How To Book hit them in the face.

I hope to shine light on not forgetting the not so distant past of abuse to this cultural through elimination, and this process hasnt been put to rest until you hear it from the voice of these communities yourself, the last residential school “closure,” was as recent as 2016. That is when I recall the huge changes to surveillances begin. I personally noted a drastic change in my own world came about in 2018, then denial of service 2019 to full blown paid actors and jurisdictions and facial recognition 2020 to privacy compromised on sites like google and phishing traps on fake lawyer sites and DDos Attacks and fully Erased identity on social media 2021, To being followed outside my home and fear of childs safety and hidden cameras found in art centre and staged run ins with bad actors 2022 to this never ending opportunity blocking, 4 serious calls to seek police help and get arrested and left in wilderness far less safe then I was before, homeless and not recieve funding opportunity, payments, compromised on every account 2023! making my ability to be here begging this happens to NO one will be all that my new life in such a mess can live for. So many years of Human Rights violated, so many years not trying to learn of a culture that has so much to offer rigth in our back door.
We have to protect mother nature by paying respect to her and that means the people and inhabitants created here too. For my own safety and calls for help completely non existent, the feeling of seeming that worthless to employees in power is what has to change. Discrimination exsists, very lively today and if it happens to one daily and I never experienced it before, then I fear for others :confused: as a Camera technician, working in film, at thebheight of my career, these blocks of sabotage is what stops me from any ability to move forward. My friends cant tell if the calls I am not receiving or waiting for from offices and businesses arent coming through or my files are all missing , shifted , moved or corrupted. destroying my credibility is a tactic, as is anti enlightenment… once use by Nazis, a solution for hiding something for greater corruption tomorrow, so what about change that will come in this life time? do it now we need 3 mod 5 Kind of scenerio…Why wait when knowing what is fate, so use the music to guide change right from the stage.
I have searched high and low in my physical surroundings and need to find wonderful groups like the ones found on variousbopen sourced forums, helping people worldnwide and its fkn beautiful
so all in all, 1.HOW can I be apart of this ?
and 2.I have huge concern, and I cannot stop thinking of how its only pointjng me in the face? or is it for others too? I am concerned about the safety and well being of every indigenous person and automated security measure coming soon, set to be in place regarding the Endangered Species Act? Can someone folks have a looksie into it? the.concern being: What is supposed to happen? How will these protected entities be defined, classed and regulated if the are an indigenous persons, outside of their proteted area? What is the clear definition and regulation? will this effect urban indigenous persons? many of who grew up in the city? I would love to ensure that those out there, who already dont have access to food delivery or transportation, can we at least work to ensure their ISP and access to a secure phone lines as these aburd environmental laws are most definitely going to have corruption behind it like had been done before, so ensureing to monitor it should come from a great oversight with ancestors in our skys cant we summon the protection and implement a private tech EYE of the Sky.? Cant we focus above the 55 Parallel push for the first orbit into satellites seek resources and opportunity like everyone else.
Rid of sabotage by not taking “tips” and by researching cases of people who flag all people…who do not help people who are seeking help?

cant we get sponsors like spacex and bring burningman villages to Northern Plains 4 times a year for ceremonal festivities? ? A festival in the desert? howabout Grand Ceremony, Drum beat and moon hype.
call it "Starman Festival, raising the Northern landscape to stellar heights with satellite access to all who travel and reside here’ - Call it the great paladian web shield. Free calls to direct resource and response volunteers like Bear Clan to ensure proper investigations done, healers, and advocates. This is not just a silly rant, its real. we cant wait for a problem to sqeeze by our nose to realize its a survival resource for everyone.I want to ensure we have ability to effectively govern, educate, lease, bring visitors, find advocacy and seek wide alternative communities, bluegrass futurists, and our vast music community and tech to come together for the bigger picture and solve major issues with artistic solutions not that immerse inspiration into the air in age old unmysterious ways… so we can get down to doing what we LOVE…which is create :slight_smile:

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Lunatic or artificial unintelligence?