The wayback machine ( not allowed to save!

When trying to add the internet wayback machine fails with: "Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

So the good guys don’t have it while the bad guys have it anyway?

This cannot be meant.


@NicoAlt do you know something about this?

Oh, sorry @frief for answering late.

Yeah, @hans, it seems that Discourse has various troubles with the Web Archive:

However, by using this link it seems that I was able to archive the F-Droid forum:

Hi NicoAlt,

sorry to bring this up again. I’ve never been able to store and then retrieve a post on the f-droid forum from the wayback machine

@frief No need to apologize. I’d also like to see the forum get archived, but from my understanding I can’t do much as the software of the forum, Discourse, isn’t working with’s crawlers. Therefore, you’d need to bring up demand in the upstream issue I linked above.

It didn’t work too long to archive. Thanks for your reply, I’ll try to do it now.

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