The open camera app doesn't work

I installed on my Nexus 5 .Everything works fine except the open camera app.The app opens but can’t seem to connect to the camera. It says ‘failed to open camera ID:0’ and Flashlight also does not work. To check this I returned stock Android 6.0.1 - camera works fine. I installed Divestos again - camera doesn’t work.Other camera apps open but also don’t connect to the camera.Can anyone help me? Or is this a bug ?

A few devices have camera “already in use” issues. Hammerhead isn’t listed here, but others are.

Sometimes a reboot will make the camera available again. @SkewedZeppelin knows more details.

Please provide a logcat:
adb logcat -b all -d | grep -i -e gyro -e camera -e dlopen -e audit

You can also try the 15.1 variant for hammerhead.

Thank you for your reply
Logcat output just after reboot:

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