The icons from my server are not showing

Hello, I have created an application and put it on my repo server. What is missing is that the application is all added in the repo, but the application icon is not shown, only the default fdroid icon. And I also didn’t find how to add screenshots. Someone help thanks.

read: All About Descriptions, Graphics, and Screenshots | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

and add these folders/files: Fastlane file structure ($1895688) · Snippets · GitLab

Maybe also Can't extract icon when apk is built with Android Gradle plugin 4.2 (#885) · Issues · F-Droid / fdroidserver · GitLab

In fact, it won’t even create files with icons of anything. It uploads the repo fine, but the icons and images are not there.

Did you slide Wi-Fi and mobile data sliders in F-Droid Client 1.16.3 all the way to the right?

I have debug version, but try on fdroid not work.

Hi i there how manually add icon to app? Thanks

Which app is missing an icon?

On my repository with my app, mising icon on my chat and my Custom fdroid client

You lost your post??

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