The F-Droid Builder fetched my pre-release and got it built

I’m the guy who is maintaining Tiddloid, a client for TiddlyWiki. Recently I got a bug report that a user is using version 2.2.0 but it is not published yet! It turned out that days ago I pushed a tag to create a pre-release for insiders, and F-Droid fetched this tag… So any way to prevent the code from being built before I consider it as a stable release?

Looking at your metadata, F-Droid was asked to detect any tag as new version. So, as far as F-Droid’s update checker is concerned, that release was published.

The most common trick here is to define a regular expression of what tags should match and to have your pre-releases not match this tag. For example, when using UpdateCheckMode: Tags ^[0-9.]+$, tags that have any kind of suffix (such as for example 2.2.0-rc1 for “release candidate 1”) will be ignored by F-Droid.

I see your pre-release tags already follow this pattern, so I’ve applied this change for you and disabled the detected 2.2.0 release. This won’t change anything for those who already updated, of course, but will cause F-Droid to stop offering this new release to anyone after the next build cycle finishes.

Please note that because version code 40 is known by F-Droid now, any new release under version code 40 won’t be detected. So please make sure your next release uses version code 41 or up.

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Thanks for a lot!

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