The best note taking app?

Hello all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Which is for you the best note taking app on F-Droid (that ressemble for example the Google Keep app)? It should have a nice UI, the possibility to import and export the data, and maybe the option to have reminders would be cool :wink:

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And many others :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion. Are these also easy for “beginner” users?

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Dunno, they are free for you to test, install some of them and test them out… don’t forget to report :slight_smile:


Bill Farmer’s editor is best for me. Only you can decide what is best for you.

Edit: Except I’m boycotting it for being on mikrosoft’s github. :frowning:


Personally, I use Nextcloud Notes. It’s not perfect, but because I already have Nextcloud it is most convenient due to it having support for the notes add-on in Nextcloud. It syncs with my Nextcloud and if I’m not on my phone I can edit my notes in my browser. If you already use Nextcloud, I could recommend it.

Otherwise, search for note in F-Droid and look at the results, most of the apps have screenshots:


Thanks for your message :slight_smile: I am aware of Nextcloud Notes, but I am searching for a standalone app, without needing to connect to a server (just a local app). I also have searched for “note” or other keywords in Fdroid, but there are sooo many options that I wanted to know you preferred apps :smiley_cat:

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I tried several I found Simple Notes to be the best one.


I like Standard Notes.


Quillnote, gives you great flexibility and has a beautiful interface… Also has an option to sync with nextcloud

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I just installed Notepad which is very basic, but has a simple UI, export functions and is translated into the language I need :upside_down_face:
I will try Quillnote also.
Another notes app looks great too, but it is only in english :confused:


Pro tip, if using firefox on android, don’t hold the erase key for too long, or else… It will delete everything that you typed…

I find it very tedious to write anything using phones… That’s why after reading your post, and after looking for the previous app that I used as a diary(couldn’t find it), I decided to start writing a diary using html and css. I’m not good at those, so i’m hoping to kill two birds with one…diary xD

And later, viewing it from the phone isn’t gonna be problematic…

I been living with e-editor for notes does its job.

If just simply note taking is all your concerned with and not wanting encrypting for your notes then e-editor I would recommend because it does all this, with no wifi permisions and uses less storage space then the others. But if you want online backup then editor wouldn’t be for you.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Install the shelter App, configure IT and Install a second fdroid in the shelter, than u are free to install Million of Note Apps to test them 🥸:nerd_face:… I know Ur problem​:rofl:

Hi, as others had said, there are a lot to choose from (and many are pretty similar), and the best one depends on personal preferences, of course.
Just to add some noise, in my personal experience and uses, if you want something really simple and fast, Simple Notes is great, and if you need something robust, structured, with markdown, folders, non-limited size of files, but using just plain-text files (.md), then Markor.
Hope this helps. Best regards!

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Iv been trying out Quillnote recently, may be my favorite.

I also like Carnet but it’s still early in development and buggy for me…


Notepad since it requires less permissions then other apps.

Maybe relevant: the format in which the notes are saved (and used) by the app.
In many cases the apps use databases, which is less portable than plain-text files (for instance, .md files). Plain-text files are not just easily moved and opened but also edited with almost any program.
Kind regards.

Simple Notes is a good one

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I’ve used Joplin with on-device encryption and WebDAV-enabled sync between devices without issue for years. It’s in Izzy’s repo or you can download the apk directly from their site.