The app i downloaded from fdroid shows update in google play store, is this expected?

I downloaded the ‘Briar’ app from f-droid store, shows update available in google play store ?
Is this expected?

I guess it is, simply the developer has put his App in both channels

from then end user side, do we have an option to disable that kind of updates ?

I guess no, but you can disable automatic updates on Play

I am already doing it, But by default if it was skipped, it would be better i feel

Wasn’t Briar reproducible? IF so… you can install from F-Droid repo, or Briar repo or Play store :wink: and they are all magically the same.

But i expected the app versions available in different sources to be not identified in other places !! :smile:

Apps build reproducible are signed both by the dev and fdroid, so it works… :wink:

Most apps are not like that, eg. Only signed by fdroid so it won’t apply for them

Ideally all apps should be reproducible… but it’s a long way.

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