The 5 most important free softwares existing right now - Please support them and have benefits of using them

I guess it’s because it’s available on so many devices and it can be made to be private as much as possible.

Saying “you can ONLY have privacy by encouraging the Google monopoly with your money when buying their devices” sounds dumb to me.

Forgot about the sheer number of devices supported. Even unsupported. Couple of my older devices still get regular unofficial builds with backported security patches. Nougat even which I run on my daily driver in a Google/Facebook-free setup.

Nougat is missing many absolutely critical security patches. For example:

I strongly would not daily drive any device with less than Android 10.
And I’d use GrapheneOS or DivestOS if possible.


I found my pixel 6a at 140 euros on ebay so I don’t think it’s expensive. especially since pixels are the only device in android to be supported for 5 years