The 5 most important free softwares existing right now - Please support them and have benefits of using them

Err go with Kodachi, if you have used Tails. Far better than Tails and more responsive, more privacy oriented too. :slight_smile:

go with Kodachi, if you have used Tails. Far better than Tails and more responsive, more privacy oriented too.

Thanks for the suggestion. I do like Xfce as the better default desktop choice, but Distrowatch doesn’t have a detailed review of Kodachi. I’m a little skeptical of Kodachi making it easy to use “built-in VPNs from different providers…” as mixing Tor and VPN is not usually recommended. Septor user review score is highest of the 3 on Distrowatch (7.9, 7.8 and 7.4 for Septor, Kodachi, and Tails), not that those are reliable… Kodachi and Septor look bloated, with almost 3x and 2x download size of Tails.

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GIMP is dying a slow painful death. Like going on three years now. They neeed some SERIOUS and IMMEDIATE help!!!

I find that hard to believe. Tails is so privacy oriented, it hurts. How could Kodachi possibly be more so? I’ve never even heard of it.

Plus, you know… track record.

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I would not deny that, but tbvh, I have used it for like 2 years now, and though I believe it is bloated as @anon46495926 states, it is still far better. Tails in my opinion is bare bones compared to Kodachi, which provides most stuffs that someone would install as user installs post booting. But having said that Tails is of course no-frills, and I suggested Kodachi basis my usage. I have Tails, Kodachi & Lubuntu/Xubuntu and Windows 10. I use basis what I need, but all 4-5 are installed on my laptop at one go.

Yeah, stock Tails is definitely bare bones, you have to add junk using the password partition mechanism. That’s fine with me though, I’d just as soon add only what I want. My only issue with Tails was them not approving security stuff that I thought they should have already done. They do have a process though. It does help to jump in and help out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest : )

1, 3 I agree
But on 2 I think grapheneOS is much better:
4. Have you tried this?

5. What about OnlyOffice:

Not perfect but better

This is about importance, not about what’s better.
GrapheneOS has limited device support, and these devices are very expensive, is niche.
GrapheneOS is hardened, it’s secure, but it’s not really for everyone because there are many applications with limited features or just broken apps.

LineageOS is the “Debian of smartphones”, that’s all, almost all custom ROM are based on it.


applications with limited features or just broken apps

If an app isn’t working on GrapheneOS something is wrong and you should file a bug report.

Any app from F-Droid (ie. no GMS) should work just fine on GrapheneOS.

Well lineage OS uses proprietary blobs(higher number and size)

Well lineage OS uses proprietary blobs(higher number and size)

All ROMs use proprietary blobs.
If you want to rank them: DivestOS followed by Replicant ship the least.

My had existed 97 days before I asked that.

Apparently not graheneOS

Yes, GrapheneOS the project like most other worthy ROMs is fully open source.
In this case all the Graphene extras are MIT (system/apps) or GPL-2.0 (kernel).

However like all currently available Android devices, require vendor blobs and firmware.

There is no magic fairy dust that anyone has that removes the dependencies on proprietary firmware.
GrapheneOS does minimize to some extent, but no ROM can remove all blobs not even Replicant.

We do not have free hardware, simple as that.

To be clear I have nothing against GrapheneOS, and recommend you use it if you have a supported device. My project DivestOS tries to focus on providing support to older devices. Goals of each are quite dissimilar.


Yes, I agree with you and understand your wish for open firmware. After all it’s required for security and trust(google said they would open source the titan chipz a security authentication part, but haven’t for 1+ year

You haven’t seen whonix and qubes yet

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Snowden is living far too well to be a real whistleblower. He is what’s known as controlled opposition. If Snowden recommends it, avoid it.

Another couple hours down the rabbit hole I’ll never get back… Thanks! :smiley:

The more basic logical flaw is appeal to authority.

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Fun fact, Snow-UseSignalUseTor-den used XMPP&OTR w/ Tor back in 2013, and that was good enough to keep him alive.

Also, Snowden might say Signal, but that might be a distraction, he’s a spy after all…

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Adding nothing really to the discussion…

2nd place: Historically I’ve never really been a fan of CyanogenMod nor LineagesOS and by association ROMs based on them. Though there has been a couple I was fan of such as crDroid. Usually I preferred AOSP or mashups like PAC, Paranoid, Dirty Unicorns, OmniROM, Carbon, AOSiP, or Ground Zero (Tesla, Validus, Tipsy) for my Google-free setups.

Haven’t had the pleasure to try GrapheneOS (not available for my devices) nor DivestOS (available for one of my devices).

Not sure why LineageOS is always listed in various lists and blogs when talking about privacy. It’s just another Android ROM. It’s not degoogled or anything of that nature. Sure, it’s a base for so many other ROMs but otherwise…
Maybe because it’s still here. :grin: