Thank you Fdroid, and all open source app developers

As a new user of this forum I wanted to start off my series of posts, instead by starting any drama/reporting an issue/bug but just by giving my thanks for providing a place for open source apps to stay and at the end of the day that’s what I expect from a place like F-Droid to do. Prioritise in having a place for open source apps(not over your own lives of course) and not going down dark paths like other app stores.

I don’t expect big names like Facebook, Google or Epic games (and others) on the store but I would for sure would suggest to try aim towards specific purpose apps like…

text editing,

photo editing,

Sending files through bluetooth(some1 make an app that does that please F-droid need one of those that’s open source.

music playback



web browser

You know, the typical tools a user would expect, to me that’s what makes F-Droid and open source great in general is that you can go and find an open source app for your purpose, your not there for a specific brand or app name usually.

Thanks for the effort in what you do and provide while you have passionate and determimed developers try to fill in any empty voids over time that may be missing from the opensource community.


Hear, Hear!

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