Text editor suggestions

Guys: Need some advice.

I’ve tried several (dozen) text editors on Android and so far all fail. Do you knw of any editors that does the following:

a) loads text files even if it doesn’t have a .txt extension? (I use EMACS and my files are labeled .org. Still text files, just a headache to have to rename files.
b) Saves and can read files from the SD card? (this is a major headache)
c) Change the font size and visual word wrap?
d) Ad free, or at least ads aren’t invasive, or it’s ad crazy

I have Android 9 kernel 4.9.112


Maybe one of these. I know Editor meets most criteria, but putting files in non-default location is not smooth.

Terminal Emulator (Turn your device into a computer terminal) - https://f-droid.org/packages/com.termoneplus

Brackets IDE should also meets them but I didn’t test.

Markor will meet all your expectations.

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