Text-based web browser

Hi everyone !
I am looking for a text-only web browser, a little bit like lynx on desktop, for browsing some sites very quickly (even with the latest browsers, google chrome yikes or Fennec 81.1, websites with 60 js scripts or ajax are a pain…)
Any one stubbled upon an app like that ?

You can likely install lynx via Termux, but it’d be a pain to operate without an external keyboard imo.

Next choices are:

  • Privacy Browser from @sorenstoutner which has JavaScript disabled by default and a basic adblocker. Make sure your system has an updated WebView provider!
  • Bromite, with JavaScript manually disabled, also features a basic adblocker
  • Fennec F-Droid with uBlock Origin with JavaScript disabled via uBO
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Firefox has ublock, javascript blocker, and https everywhere extensions that make it pretty good. It’s also got anti tracker software too.

I think you can run lynx in termux.

Yeah, one can use w3m, links, elinks, or lynx in termux. They function well and are touch friendly. Use a terminal friendly keyboard or Termux’s Extra Keys Row(s) and they work fine.



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