Termux will not install

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cannot install termux on pixel4a.
in the past, i have installed on many devices, first time i was not able to…

i tried to:

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Android 11?

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yes, android 11.
i did check that termux does support 11, before i got the new cellphone.

"Yes, it confirmed to work successfully on Android up to version 11.


I had trouble installing termux after initially attempting to install it from the Google Play store.

I uninstalled termux itself, but there was another termux app (termux-something?) that I also had to uninstall in order to be able to install the latest from F-Droid.


after not being able to install termux using f-droid, i was able to install it via google play and it works.

f-droid gives a vague response Failed to install due to unknown error.
is there a way to get a detail error log or some way to get more insight?

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What I would try is to install Split APKs Installer and then install Termux APK with it. If installation fails, there is a more verbose log than you would get with default installer.

thanks, i did that and here is the output

“INSTALL_FAILED_SHARED_USER_INCOMPATIBLE: Reconciliation failed…: Reconcile failed: Package com.termux has no signatures that match those in shared user com.termux; ignoring!”
“app has requested an already existing shared user but their signatures do not match.”

after i was not able to install the f-droid version, as a test, i was able to install and use termux from google play.
i did uninstall the google version before trying to use SAI

in the end, i got termux installed using f-droid.
not sure exactly what was going on

but thanks for the forum for the help