Termux, how to access user files

I have downloaded a file via scp to termux.
Now I do not find the file on my samsung Xcover 4.
It is not rooted yet.
May anyone help?



Hello demei,

On my Samsung S5 the directory there the home directory of Termux is saved is in
Just in case you didn’t knew that before: with the command “pwd” (print working direcory) you can print the complete path of the current folder which is the same in Termux as in Android.

To access this folder without root you need the preinstalled file explorer app (called “Dateien” (German for “Files”) on my Android 9 system). In the left sidebar, there should be an entry named “Termux”. Click on it and you will have access to your files.

I hope I could help you,

mv filename /sdcard/Download/ :wink:

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mv filename to /sdcard/Download/ results in: “Permission denied”

I know the home directory of termux.
In my Android 9 Xcover4 the preinstalled file manager is called “Eigene Dateien”. By using this app I am not be able to access the home-directrory of termux. The only path containig …/data/… is “Interner Speicher”/data/user/0/com.samsung.an…service.fileshare/files/*xml
On my system I cannot find a left sidebar in preinstalled file manager.
Any other idea?


Applications->Termux->Permissions->Storage…toggle ON

Thanks. It works.
I wonder mv filename /sdcard/Download/ move the file to Download directory of phone storage.
BTW is there an shortcut for the phone storage like sdcard?


Yes /sdcard/whateverfolder/you/want but that’s the shortest one :slight_smile:

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