Termux app has no signature

I can’t install any version of the Termux app. A message appears saying that the app has no signature.

Anyone help me?

Two days ago kcubeterm posted on this post saying that

have released a broken version of termux apps and realised too late. Now users are Reporting on our forums. We have released fixed versions but it takes while.
Is there any way to remove termux v0.105

Then Relan said

We can remove 0.105, but this change will take effect on the next index update. At the same time 0.106 will be published (build succeeded ), so all we can do is wait :slight_smile:

So @ReniSalcedo79 its not your problem and the solution is downgrade it to an older version and patiently wait for the next relese.

If you’re here because Termux won’t update on Play anymore: you need to uninstall Termux and install from F-Droid.

It’s an Android security requirement.

I uninstalled Termux and tried to install it on the F-Droid, but it doesn’t install

And you can install any other F-Droid app?
You are on custom Android, like MIUI or similar?

Yes, I updated an application on the F-Droid. My smartphone has stockrom, Android 10

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