Telegram Foss can't upgrade

I have install Telegram Foss 7.2.1 from F-droid.
I can’t upgrade it from F-droid app (become error message) and can’t install from launch telegram apk file.
What can I do in this case?

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maybe try download and install latest apk from telegram official ?

another last resort would be backup/sync and uninstall the current telegram then install the new version

What exactly does the error message say?

There are quite some differences between the official version and the FOSS one found in f-droid. So I guess that is not an option.

My best guess is that you DID NOT install from F-Droid, and then you get the error message on update since this is an Android security feature, to only let you update from the same source.

Go to Telegram in F-Droid Client … scroll down, expand Versions… take a screenshot

From F-droid app I get the message “file not found”.
When I try to update the Telegram.

I have been getting similar error messages randomly for any apps, although not recently.

You can manually download the apk from F-droid website and install that… does that work?

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Retry…maybe the mirror isn’t up to date yet.

I did it.
Does not work.

Which device? Android version?

Try this APK: Works? Error message?

If not, try this: Works? Error message?

Redmi Note 8 Pro

I downloaded the app.
After launching, I get the message “The application is not installed”.

Which one? Both?

If both it means you’ve installed from Play or some site, you CAN’T update from F-Droid

Thank you very much.
I was able to update the program using one of your links.
It turned out.
Thank you again very much.

Which one?

seems to be 26361

So armv7, arm 32bit

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