Telegram: apk & Play, but not F-Droid

Have you seen how Telegram deal with downloads on it’s website?

“You can download Telegram for your Android device here. This version has fewer restrictions and receives automatic updates directly from telegram website”

and a link to the apk download.

Then they detail how to install the apk on regular stock Android devices.

They finish saying

More comfortable with installing apps from the Google Play Store?

and they add a link to Google’s repository.

They just had the best way to spread the usage of their network, by placing a link to f-Droid’s version of Telegram.

found on their Android page.

What was the question/point/thought exactly?

Not sure which part of “Telegram is free from monopoly control” really includes a link to a third-party, even if that’s your beloved F-Droid. :person_shrugging:

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Well, Telegram doesn’t really officially support F-Droid in any capacity. Their app uses proprietary libraries and they only release the source code a a huge single commit every few releases. And then the Telegram FOSS team tries to figure out how to deal with that huge commit.

For what it’s worth, Element and Wire both show an F-Droid download link on their webpage.


Earlier I was about to prove exactly that: how instant messaging networks state that the app is also distributed by F-Droid and then I checked Telegram website :sweat_smile:

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