Sure unusual question: cast-off apps - "cast-off"- licence and depots

Valued owner and using community here,

first, possible pardon if the taking an account on trust that it is welcome, might be wrongly estimated and may you possible not to much disturbed by my persons approach.

Since there are people, “beggars”, who would only take and use of what is given personally without strings, or cast-off things, which have no owner, my person likes to ask if you know places - somehow trash-places - where programers or owner put cast-off old or no more maintained apps.

It might be that there could be found apps and things which are possible of use for editing and building works, as well for communication via internet, such as word, text, html, editor, dictionaries and other things to build and maintain websites?

(Please note, that my person does not have much knowledge in all this it matters, so its possible that some given advices are not suddenly understood.)

Again, pardon for possible disturbance and good that you gave the general possibility till here anyhow.

There are plenty of unmaintained apps on github, gitlab, etc.

My person is not very familar with those places.

Would they be cast off, or better, are there possible trash places or any kinds of indication that nobody would still cling on them, Mr. Hans.

My person chanced the title, thinking that matter could be of interest for you, becoming a little familar with you objectives here and reading some licence-philosophies.

Are there licences “similar” to “cast off” and depots where one could cast away or take on cast-off apps?

Something like a ftp, where up-load and download, merely uncontrolled, adding or taking even away files, is possible?

My person also tried to explain the ethical backround a little, so that it could be understood better (from here)

[quote]If something is “cast-off” on the street, ownership abounded, one might pick it up and “make it his/her own”, use it, without violate the precept of “taking what is not given” without the normal need that it is consciously given by the owner or an assistant of him/her to count as given.

Of course one needs to be as much as possible sure, that it is not just gone lost and the owner still hasn’t abound it, or that it is just deposited, ownership not abounded.

And, a very matter in regard of “free”, is not a trap, meaning that it is made by the owner as seeming being cast-off and objected to catch those taking on it later with demands.[/quote]

I am not familiar with one specific place where you can go to find such abandoned apps. However there are without a doubt many around on the internet. I have myself adopted the Lexic app and further developed it into Lexica.

If you come across such an app, you must respect the license which the code has been placed under. I also (out of a matter of politeness) emailed the original author to ask their feedback on me adopting the app, but that is not a requirement. What you cannot do is to adopt an abandoned app, presume nobody cares, and so change the license it is under. It is up to the copyright owner of a piece of code (i.e. the author) to decide what license it is under. It is not up to the person who found an “abandoned” copy of that code.

Sadhu (appreciation) for you feedback motiveted to help, Pete.[quote=“pserwylo, post:5, topic:630”]
However there are without a doubt many around on the internet. I have myself adopted the Lexic app and further developed it into Lexica.

Reading Pete’s last words, my person does not think so. If something is abounded, still having wishes on it, it can not be estimated as cast-off and the (past) owner still has ownership on it. The attribute to have certain control on something is a main mark of owner-ship.

Sadhu! Even not required under certain laws or usuals, such is needed to be sure, that a taken on trust that it is welcome, gets confimed, and one does not have even subtile bad conscious. Such is wise to do in regard of natures law and not violating it. It might be that one put things one time in this or that way to take, but it could be easy that one has chanced his mind or is really not happy “what, this guy make now benefit from it!” or “they programmed their weapons with my app”.

So too (even already outside the good, because uninvited, actually), my person has asked, if he was right in assuming taking an account here is welcome, yet still no feedback from the owner.

He also asked about the use of f-droid app in the same way, yet still no feedback.

But in situations aside of dealing in the world, even asking is not proper and a fault, not to speak of use, even getting no feedbak afterwards: meaning that the assuming possible to take, because the owner is happy about such, is wrong.

Of course it would be a “thief” to take something, still not abound by the owner, and makes it ones own. That’s the reason why "searching for cast-off. If there is a licence, better demands or claimed right, attached, it is actually not cast of.

To get possible sure, since author rights have in some countries high respect, even hard to abound, it might maybe require either to have been put on “cast-off-places” or are signed as cast of, because even if a letter, for example, is scrunched, if one uses the text, it could still be seen as owned by the writer and in certain countries still not countig as abounding. The owner might still make use of the developments heart on another paper or in different form.[quote=“pserwylo, post:5, topic:630”]
It is up to the copyright owner of a piece of code (i.e. the author) to decide what license it is under. It is not up to the person who found an “abandoned” copy of that code.

Thats clear and good to respect in all circumstances, happy or not. But once again, this talk is still in the sphere or righteous and virtues dealing by giving this for that, but not on the level cast-off.

While righteous dealing with each other is a good way in the world and good to stick on it, certain people take just cast-off, either lying on the street, or personal cast-off into ones hand. To figure out if the first is present on internet or even possible, should be the topics purpose. Lesser because personaly desries are moving but to estimate the circumstances generally and maybe also to inspire to seek for ways if willing to abound something, rather to destry or still hold on it, so that other may be able to make use of it.

There is no such thing as “cast-off” copyrighted work, global copyright laws make it difficult to abandon copyrighted work. Creative Commons CC0 is the closest you’ll get.

Sadhu, Mr. Hans,

Using creative common licences make things already additional bound and not more libre.

Dedicating something to be public domain is not casting away but transfering the ownership to public. If things are owned public, how coutd “I” take hold on it, make use or ownig it?

For sociaty maybe a fine way to make common use of something. Standing aside of sociaty, being no part of it and neither bear duties nor right they hold on convetionally, its not possible to assume them as cast-off, even lesser than other not given licences, because it binds to to the whole society.

Add: just reading that CC0 actually seems not to transfer into public domain, if read rightly, but just abounds right of owning in a one street way, it seems that an app marked with such can - aside of the question if not having rights of third persons inside - be assumed as cast-off. Now speaking in regard of simply taking and using it.

In regard of developing it further and then making use of it, in what way ever, the question remains, if the CC0 licence, it once carried, can be removed in the taken one?

And in relation to the OP: Are there apps with CC0 licence and/or depots?

CC0 seems to be still in development and there are some contrast in FAQ’s and intend on other places there. It looks more likly, that it tend to try to fit GNU. That means such as “cast-off” and places to “cast-off” as well as to dwell, even if tolerated, as “beggar” keeping precepts, on castuoff is not really possible if it’s just on own intention, to maintain possible needed.

As it will possible clear here as well, even to ask “if it could be taken (used) in trust” will for the most time not even answered. So a not personal textual invitation, not incl. ones person clearly, seems to be also not fit to even ask: “sure?”

Maybe this short interuption was of interest for some, gives ideas or food for thought never tought.

Sadhu for generous and welcoming help and open door.
And pardon for all disturbences caused.

To give sample a possible place for the topic, this link migh remain

Best wishes for all of your good undertakings that they may bear fruits quick, health, longlife, beauty/honor, wellbeing and power.

Mudita (sympathetic joy)

(If not to much with even additional time spending connected, it’s good to safe space in closing this taken account)