Supported Android versions, library versions, etc

Every few weeks Google pushes a new version of something or another. I’m always afraid to let Android Studio upgrade my project because I don’t know if F-Droid’s build servers have upgraded yet.

For example, recently it suggested I update my target API to 26 and Gradle to 4.x. (And my “buildToolsVersion” to ‘25.0.3’ and ‘’ from ‘25.3.1’ to ‘25.4.0’.)

I don’t want to accidentally update to, say, a Gradle version not yet installed on FDroid, but I also don’t want to needlessly keep an old version if there are improvements to be had.

Question is: is there a place which details what the build servers can handle build-wise? Minimum and maximum versions of the most common build components?

I looked through the docs and didn’t see this information, but I’m good at missing things like that, so if it’s already listed somewhere I apologize!

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Afaik F-Droid will use their own Gradle version regardless of your setting. Any libraries are pulled from Maven Central or jCenter, so there will also be no problem. The only trouble in my experience is with build tools, as those need to come directly from the local SDK. Unfortunately, I also don’t know a solution for that.

fdroid build uses its own gradle wrapper (aka ./gradlew) but it will choose the version of gradle based on what works well with the Gradle Android Plugin the app is using.

Ok, thanks @nutomic and @hans!