Support - Protocol - Hysteria

F-Droid did support Hysteria 1.2.0 so far, however, Hysteria has been updated to 1.2.1 lastly. Is that possible to update the core in the ClashMeta, please?

Which app exactly?

@linsui ?

Is it Hysteria Plugin - SagerNet (The universal proxy toolchain for Android) - Hysteria Plugin - SagerNet | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository the sagernet one?

Do you mean GitHub - MetaCubeX/ClashMetaForAndroid: A rule-based tunnel for Android.? They did publish new versions but they didn’t bump the version code so we can’t update it. See Chore: bump version · MetaCubeX/ClashMetaForAndroid@5bc2162 · GitHub. And it’s alpha release anyway. It will be updated when they bump the version code and release a new stable version.


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