Superuser binary

I am trying to follow this above post in order to root my tablet, but the links to Superuser are not working. I can pulled the source off the gitserver, but I can’t compile it on AMD-64 platform. SO I al looking for the su binary.

Additionally, FWIW, this tablet is not showing up with the USB tools. It is listed with lsusb, but adb devices -l returns nothing.


That article is outdated, things changed a lot since dm-verty and SEAndroid introduction.

May I ask why you want root privileges? There might be a better way of doing this.

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Superuser (Manage root access) -

i think it is inappropriate to ever ask someone why they want root on their hardware, and I think you should apologize for asking.

You must already have root for this to work, because it leverages the existing su and Superuser app to install itself

it doesn’t get you anywhere. You need to push your own su onto the directory tree.

Try out Magisk. The 14.3 beta version is more stable, and its fully FOSS.