Suggestion to add all Apps which connect to CloudFlare by default

F-droid, if you pick the wrong mirrors?

That’s a lie, right? Why would you continue this line of discourse yet again?

That’s a lie, right?

Wrong, that’s a question.

Why do you continue personal attacks, and not answer a question?

Where is a concise explanation of how F-Droid is using these Cloudflare mirrors? Where is this opt-in that was mentioned?

@hans said a deal has been made with the devil ← paraphrase, not quote. Hans did not clarify what deal was made. Suddenly Sickness Feels, Cloudflare, really F-Droid? - #10 by hans


It’s a lie because you can’t pick it, you ADD it yourself, YOU decide to use it.

Do you even use F-Droid Client? See Settings - Repos… questions?

That’s a fallacy actually, a known trick: Just asking questions - RationalWiki

Try harder…

F-Droid is not using, users that ADD it use it.

When YOU add it, YOU opt-in.

The other thread has all the info: Suddenly Sickness Feels, Cloudflare, really F-Droid? who from F-Droid wants it, why, who oppose, why, what is enable, what is not, etc.

I’ll take any further comments as bad faith if you continue to go against the links that YOU YOURSELF have posted (and I hoped READ!?)


Quite a lot. If you are really “F-droid contributor” it is hard to miss it, isn’t it? Apps which make an Internet connection in background should be reviewed carefully, and flag it Intercepted if the destination is Cloudflare.

I stopped using F-droid because I switched to other phone.


In recent update F-Droid is redirecting APK download request to third-party mirrors.

As I can see from F-Droid options there is no option to opt-out or deselect mirrors which uses Cloudflare.


Wow. You strongly believe all F-Droid users agreed to connect to Cloudflared F-Droid site for updates?

How about clearly write a pop-up warning so those users can choose themselves?

Pick A Mirror
[X] xxx.yyy.zzz
[X] xxxxx.yyyy.zzzzz


And review apps every 3 months?

Take note of domains and watch DNS changes?

Watch hosting changes?

Can you make such a list?

Maintain it?

Why I ask? Well… even if today the contacted server is fine and not-CF… who knows what happens in the future? :frowning:


I still didn’t see which one of the included mirror is on Cloudflare exactly… would you point it out?

As said above, the “question” some user asked innocently was actually a lie… now you keep perpetrating it. Why?

Where’s your Merge Request on Gitlab?


You do know that the Gitlab is using Cloudflare right?

now you keep perpetrating it. Why?

Here is a forum and I am just making a comment. How about stop being passive-aggressive by just replying “Why?”.


Sadly yes… leave (#159) · Issues · F-Droid / admin · GitLab

Can you read what I’ve written please? Read 2 or 3 more times for good measure.

Then read this again: there’s no included mirror hosted on CF in Client

Hope the next posts are not about “the mirror on CF that is not in the Client”

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I’m going to leave it here. It’s obvious to me you’ve been assuming bad faith, but I hate playing that card, so I’ll leave it with what you already know, I hope: The communication with users could be improved. A lot. IMO.

I realize you spend lots of time in gitlab. I don’t. I won’t. I skimmed a few issue threads, was surprised by what I saw, and asked for clarification.

I follow the “news” and forum. If I missed the news on collaboration with Cloudflare and how that will benefit users and be consistent with Foss and privacy values, I assume you would link that. “Decentralizing Distribution” had potential, but didn’t mention Cloudflare.


No user accounts, by design
Decentralizing Distribution
New language: Portuguese
F-Droid Meeting at the RC3 Congress
Pinning for packages: Android dependency management and F-Droid Push Requests

Instead, I’m concluding f-droid is doing stuff here that isn’t 100% in line with Foss and privacy, and don’t really want to, or can’t, give a concise explanation.

Yes, I know how to add repos. I don’t know how to add more official f-droid mirrors; only how to toggle them off/on. I don’t know which of those are behind Cloudflare, if any.

On the OP, It may be a safe bet that 50+/-% (SWAG) of apps with network permission or non free net tags are using or interacting with servers behind Cloudflare.

I can see why LK answered with a question. That’s too many to tag.


Looking at this post again it looks like the OP is not talking about F-Droid app, but about the app hosted on F-Droid.

I think this “Intercepted” flag is a good idea - to motivate app developers to build more secure app.

This is just my comment. Plz don’t bite ok???


That’s the problem, you jumped to conclusions in your first post here. When asked to explain… you don’t care. Yeah… fun…

Yes, but justsomeguy started the holy war against CF in F-Droid Client for all the wrong reasons. As the other thread links show not only I have been against a mirror on CF, but others too, but you know, why see that that? Better raise some drama…

Sorry to bother you but isn’t some parts of are using Cloudflare?

Also why activate slow mode? Sure you do not want to talk about this but it is not nice preventing discussion by activating slowmode.


Not that I know, no…

/LE: funny enough that would help it since the site is soooo slow, know issue :frowning: :slight_smile:

Cause rapid fire posts without documenting, as seen above, help no one. Also keep me from doing more useful stuff elsewhere (ahem Gitlab) since I need to put out imaginary fires here :frowning:


You all get upset over Cloudflare yet many other CDNs pull the same nonsense, but because you don’t know their name you keep your head in sand and keep screaming “but Cloudflare!?111?!!!”.

You want a tag for Akamai? for AWS? for Google Cloud? for Oracle Cloud? for Fastly? for Edgecast? Limelight?


upset over Cloudflare yet many other CDNs pull the same nonsense

a tag for Akamai? for AWS? for Google Cloud? for Oracle Cloud? for Fastly? for Edgecast? Limelight?

So this is the “everyone does it” fallacy, versus “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

  • Cloudflare is “in your face” with BS robot accusations, as they get in the way of Tor or Tor Browser and slow you down.
  • F-Droid has made some sort of deal and arrangement with Cloudflare, but not yet with the others, AFAIK.

How do people know when the cloudflare mirror will help them, and where is the instruction for using it?

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If a mirror exists somewhere of course there’s an arrangement, be it CF or any other mirror. Now you’ll spin the meaning of the word arrangement right? Agreement is a synonym. the details are in the public view, as you’ve read in the links in Suddenly Sickness Feels, Cloudflare, really F-Droid?

Maybe CF has edge nodes in the “peoples” country or continent, maybe that helps them, dunno, people should make their own research too.

Adding a mirror to F-Droid? In Settings - Repos - press the title bar Plus icon… write mirror address.

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the details are in the public view

Statistically, in gitlab 80% of admin gitlab issues are in public view. A lot can happen in the hidden 20%. I may have missed it, but I didn’t see details on how much money changes hands, if any.

Also, many details are in other channels. Concise documentation in News and documentation could be a good thing.

people should make their own research too.

So people are on their own when it comes to choosing alternative official “mirrors”. The same as for alternative unofficial “repos”

Aside - I dislike trivialization of “research” but it’s common these days.

Adding a mirror to F-Droid? In Settings - Repos - press the title bar Plus icon… write mirror address.

Are you saying the app will automagically list the mirror under F-Droid official mirrors if it is one?

So that button is dual function, adding repos and official mirrors.

Will it warn users to check privacy terms of the third party, or that is quietly understood?

I thought when F-droid says we don’t track our users, it meant I can be confident I am not tracked if I use official f-droid repos and mirrors. Now it seems third parties may track as much as they wish, as official mirrors, and all they have to do is have a “privacy policy”; and I am on my own to “research” the details. This sounds not much different than Google.

Looks like everything I try to clear up you keep trying to muddle. As you see fit then,