Suggestion for the creator of the Mull browser

Good afternoon:

I wanted to thank the creator of the Mull browser. For bringing and creating a Mozilla with a user.js already included in the application itself.

For those who don’t know this new browser, I mean

I wanted to make a suggestion to improve this application. And no offense to the creator or the creator of the user Arkenfox

But for the mobile version it creates less connections and gives more privacy. This other user

And also I don’t know if there is a way to add to the browser the plugins of: Chameleon, LocalCDN, Canvas Blocker or Cookie AutoDelete.

As well as adding qwant, or qwant lite, or searx as a search engine. Instead of Google or Duckduckgo.

Thank you for your time and help. And I apologize if I have done something wrong.

It was not my intention, I only pretend to help to improve the application and privacy or security.

Best regards

You can add your addon collection and custom search engine.

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My response from :

And I apologize if I have done something wrong.

All suggestions are welcome, you are always welcome to ask questions.

Chameleon, Canvas Blocker

Not needed with resistFingerprinting

LocalCDN, Cookie AutoDelete

Partially mitigated by firstparty.isolate

Cookie AutoDelete

You can set your Mull to clear on quit or always use private tabs.

qwant, or qwant lite

I don’t like Qwant.


There is no single Searx instance to use, and I don’t feel like running my own.

I will skim through that, but it looks mostly like arkenfox.js
The benefit of arkenfox.js is that it has been militantly maintained for many years.

Of extra note, Mull pulls in arkenfox.js from Brace, a sister project, and it is maintained first there:

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Good evening @SkewedZeppelin

First of all thank you very much for your reply, help and time.

Regarding search engines, I use the qwant lite gives good results and does not generate telemetry or anything weird.

Then the plugins help to mitigate the digital footprint that we leave with browsers, devices and others on the network. You can check it out at as it is usually unique. Or traces and so on.

LocalCDN. (also open source, naturally)
As we cannot block nor because they break the webs that require captchas, to minimize the tracking of the first we will install the extension (it also falsifies the cdns of the webs).
Inside the options (the little wheel at the bottom) we will give to Advanced and we will look for the last entry, Generate the set of rules for your advertising blocker. There we will choose ublock and paste those domains inside ublock origin, in the My rules section. (or Decentraleyes)

Cookie AutoDelete. Every time we close a tab in the browser will delete cookies from that site. It is highly recommended to set AutoClean enabled (with 1 second) and Notifications disabled. This way we avoid cookie problems.

Chameleon. Very complete tool loaded with lots of options to reduce our digital footprint. What interests us most is the ability to generate a different fingerprint every x time, otherwise we will always have the same one.
We will leave the real profile.
In the Options section, Injection, only the screen size should be checked, choosing 1920x1080.
The other options should be marked by the changes of the user.js so we will not touch anything else.
If some web gives error, we go to the section of White list, we give to Open in white list and we add this page.

Then in ublock I usually use: and , among others as or

Then there are some recommendations in: or ,,

As far as the user.js is concerned, Narsil’s user.js is based on arke’s one. But with changed things and adapted to mobiles. And it gives very good results and avoids a lot of connections. Besides I can assure that the creator of it, is very, very much in favor of privacy. And he is for example against Google or Mozilla tracking. And he updates it very often. Even as quindecim did at the time with his user

He even has a thread to avoid Google or Microsoft

And without discrediting the work of Arke that I also take off my hat with all his work and effort. But some automatic connection escapes.

Ideally, in Mull’s about:config you could delete the Google entries and leave them empty. To avoid telemetry. As you could do in the old Fennec versions of fdroid.

Thanks a lot for your time

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Arkenfox maintains a sane overview of addons here:

I also maintain my own blocklists you can use:

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