Suggested new app for developers-- camera/IMAGE resize toggle when taking photos

A substantial number of photographs taken almost daily are strictly for documentation/reference/notes/ etc. they do not require a high resolution. Typically, the setting for regular photography on most mobiles can vary from 5 MP and higher. This is completely not necessary and wasteful when taking a snap of a business card or some other documentation for reference. 1024 pix is more than sufficient. A top level toggle preset at various low res settings would save storage space and eliminate the hassle of having to sort through and resize countless reference images that accumulate on one’s device. Ideas any one?

Set that in your camera app, most have it.

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Um… sorry, that misses the point. It is wholy impractical to dig into the camera app to change the resolution setting each time you need to change it-- and then after the shot resetting it. For general photography a higher MP setting is of course desirable, but for incidental reference shots like recording a business card, passport stamp or what have you, 1024 pix is plenty. Accordingly, having a button on your screen that opens the camera and then records a low-res image for just that shot, leaving the native resolution setting alone would make for a very useful app in my opinion.

Yes. It would be nice if there was a toggle right on the main screen to change the image file size.

I always have two camera apps on my devices. One set to full resolution images (currently Open Camera) and one set to low resolution images (currently Libre Camera).

Of course, it would be useful to achieve this with just one camera app. Perhaps submit a feature request.

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Thanks, that’s a good idea having two camera apps. Where do you get the second, non-native camera app? But yes, of course, much more elegant to have a toggle button on your home screen. Where would one go shopping for such a feature??

Each of those apps (and others here on F-Droid) have a link to the app website and source code where one can submit suggested features. Of course, suggestions for features do not necessarily result in them being implemented. It is up to the app development team to decide.

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Many thanks! Just tried Libre camera app and it’s impressive! So now I have a solution, but sure would prefer that toggle :slight_smile: I’m a newbie here, so I just caught on about github and feature requests. Thanks again!

Some cam Apps (OpenCamera for example) have various shortcuts… this could be another such shortcut. But don’t know any that implemented it

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