Suggested blog post: Recommendation of apps for students in their exam studies

Hello everyone,

I have been using f-droid, as my app store for some time now, and I have noticed since my awareness of the free software philosophy, it is very difficult for you to find apps for study, focus and exam use adapted to the needs of students that are free software (although they exist and are listed on f-droid).

In Brazil, the study for the National High School Exam (ENEM) is intensifying, and thousands of students are studying for as long as they can, mostly on their android, which in the proprietary app stores, encourage the use of applications with prices of features, sometimes high, and collect unnecessary information, and by sometimes unawareness of the student, ends up using it and making hostage his freedom as a user and student.

Therefore, I would like to suggest a post on the F-droid blog, containing suggestions of apps that would be good for such a demand. The intention is not to create a “competition” or to do buy curation as Google Play and Apple Store do. It is to encourage students to get to know alternatives and use them, in their studies and in their next classes.

I am researching and looking for some interesting ones, and am really enjoying the diversity and breadth of alternatives.

What do you think about this?

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Since this needs domain knowledge (what type of apps? Which ones can help? etc) it’s better that you (or a student) start to post this. It doesn’t need to be a blog post at first.

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Okay, where could this place be?

Start here…

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